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Santa Phone Calls

With the hubbub up of the season here, Santa's time is still being spent with the kids he loves. Kids again are being thrilled by talking with Santa Claus on the telephone rather than visiting him at the mall!

"Children can be a little frightened of me for some reason, I can be a bit intimidating to little ones in person, but a phone call from Santa makes the kids much more relaxed! I'm finding that we get to have a much better heart to heart over the phone." says Claus.

Kids especially love spending time with Santa on the phone, standing in line at the mall just isn't necessary any more. A Santa phone call is the new and better way to go.

"I really don't like the kids to be out in public too much during cold and flu season, they get exposed to alot of stuff at the malls. On occasion I even get sick, and it's terrible to fly when you are sick - it makes for a very long Christmas Eve! I'm more comfortable calling children from the North Pole".

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Santa Phone Calls

Merry Christmas from ELF MITSY, ELF COCO and ELF ZOEY!!

ASK the ELF...what inquiring elves want to know!

ASK the ELF...what inquiring elves want to know!

I was thinking about changing things up a bit this year and wear either all red or all green to this year's big party instead of the usual red and green combo...perhaps switching up the gold jingle bells for silver ones. Dare I? from, Elf Katy
Dear Elf Katy,
Of course! In fact, this year is all about switching up the colors! Hot pink is the new red! Don't be afraid to add purple to your green apparel. Different shades of green are appropriate, as well. About those jingle bells...they are coming in all colors this year and are great as accessories to any outfit. Jingle bells are the bling of the North Pole! Have fun and experiment with this season's fun new colors, Katy!

The school age elves have been having a lot of fun talking in the gibberish called "Iggity Elf-Speak"! Try it...just say "iggity" after each syllable! Haveiggity funiggity!

Merry Christmas from ELF MITSY, ELF COCO and ELF ZOEY!!

NEW FEATURE! LET'S MEET AN ELF! We at the North Pole Gossiper take great pride in the Elves who are so dedicated to the magic and excitement of this busy season! Last week we featured our very own journalist, Elf Charlie. THEN we were honored to feature Elf Mitsy and Elf Coco. And today we add-- last but not least-- ELF ZOEY! (Tripple DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!)


Favorite Colors: Ruby Red, Christmas Wreath Green, Frosting Yellow
Favorite Saying: "It's sew, sew good to see you!"
Favorite Ice Cream: Red-hot cinnamon candy and chocolate chip swirl
First Job: Making doll blankets
Current Job: Designs Santa's Suits, Elf outfits, and Mrs. Claus's dresses
Hobbies: Collects snow globes
Favorite joke: Where does Santa keep his presents for Mrs. Claus? In the CLAUSET...of course!
Why she likes working for Santa: "Santa has very specific ideas about his style...and I like that in clients! He and Mrs. Claus always send me home with a bag of cookies and a happy heart!",
FYI: She knows what size Santa wears...and it is a secret!


Favorite Colors: cocoa brown, tinsel silver, butterscotch
Favorite Saying: “It’s not too hot!”
Favorite Ice Cream: chocolate, chocolate chip, oreo swirl
Favorite Sandwich: taco meat, cheese and chocolate syrup on a sesame seed bun
First job: making toy tea sets
Current job: making the sprinkles for Mrs. Claus’s cookies
Hobbies: traveling to cocoa tasting contests, trying different chocolate recipes
Favorite joke: Why does Santa have 3 gardens? He likes to hoe-hoe-hoe!
Why she likes working for Santa: “This is the best place to be to discover Mrs. Claus’s hot cocoa recipe! She and I have become good friends at the cocoa tasting parties!
FYI: got her nick-name CoCo because she is always drinking Cocoa


Favorite Colors: snow white, sky blue, moon gold
Favorite Saying: “Let’s go play in the snow!”
Favorite Ice Cream: oatmeal blueberry caramel ripple
Favorite Sandwich: chicken, walnut, carrot tofu, Bar-B-Q wrap
First Job: made doll shoes in the doll factory
Current Job: makes doll houses
Hobbies: an artist at heart, she likes to paint pictures using her favorite colors (with a splash of red), building snow forts
Favorite joke: When Santa is on the beach, what do the Elves call him? Sandy Claus!
Why she likes working for Santa: “Santa arranges so many snow contests and snow games...sometimes Santa lets us have extra time for lunch and joins us in a snowball fight!
FYI: won the “tallest snowman” and the “snow fort with the most windows” contests last year


The Elves here at the North Pole are just like everyone else around the world! They are up to date on the latest technology and send text messages to their friends and family...and even to Santa! Some of their text messages are different than the ones you may use, however! It seems that up here in the North Pole, conversations revolve around Christmas, toys, snowy days, Santa and Mrs. Claus, candy canes, etc. Now, that doesn't mean you can't understand what they are saying if you should happen to get a message from an Elf! Here is a list of several (but not all) of the common text messages:

SISD Sure is a snowy day
GAECC Got any extra candy canes?
HCS Here comes Santa
LPWTT Let"s play with the toys
TTAH This toy's a hit
CMCC Craving Mrs. Claus's cookies
FGB Frosty's getting bossy!
ISGF Is Santa getting fat?
WTC Where's the coal?
JJB Jumping Jingle Bells
FTCY Frost those cookies yet?
JDEMC Just don'

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Join us for a jolly good time here at the North Pole where you can receive a personalized letter from Santa Claus, get a call from Santa Claus, and talk to Santa about our state-of-the-art Santa Tracker systems which will pin-point Santa’s location and his approximate arrival time.

We’re having a jolly good time here at the North Pole where you can get a personalized letter from Santa Claus, get a call from Santa Claus, and talk to Santa about our sophisticated state-of-the-art real time Santa Tracker systems which will pin-point Santa’s location and his approximate arrival time.

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