Listen up kids, get the scoop on what makes Santa tick. In a rare interview, the big man tells all about his likes and dislikes, his hopes and fears, and we even learned what Mrs. Claus’s nickname is for him (cuddlebug – but you didn’t hear it here!~ ).
Not everyone realizes how demanding Santa’s schedule is, despite only having to work one day a year – but Santa has a gruelling schedule that starts almost as quickly as it ends!
Kids and parents forget that ‘he sees you when you are sleeping and knows when you are awake’ happens all year long – the naughty and nice ratings start being tabulated the day after Christmas! —-But don’t you worry about Santa, he makes sure to have plenty of time in his schedule for rest and play.
All work and no play makes Santa a little grouchy! Here he sits down with us for ane exclusive interview: 

Us: Hi Santa thanks for taking time to meet with us today! The kids will certainly appreciate getting to know you a little better.
Santa: Ho ho ho, I’m happy to make time for my favorite website… – catchy name! I love the reindeer videos, the reindeer love seeing themselves on the monitor.
Us: Tell us Santa, we’d like to hear some details about you – what makes you tick.
Santa: What would you like to know? I’d be happy to share with you.
Us: How is Mrs Claus?
Santa: Ohhh she’s fine. She’s been busy the last month or so with the elves, she really loves them and enjoys baking Christmas cookies for them. She and I have such fun this time of year in anticipation of the big night up ahead. We’re the best of friends, and as long as I get my socks in the clothes hamper – I can stay on her good side (Santa grins).
Us: Is Santa a little messy around the house?
Santa: Well, I do my best to pick up after myself – after all I expect all of the boys and girls to clean up after themselves, but just like the kids – sometimes I have to be reminded to put my dishes in the dishwasher when I am done, or even to brush my teeth – Mrs Claus really doesn’t like it when I have bad breath!!
Us: What is Mrs. Claus getting for Christmas, Santa?
Santa: Oh boy, that reminds me, I need to take care of that. I usually try and get something really special for the Mrs.. – especially since I put so much effort in giving gifts to children all over the world. Her gift needs to be just as special if not more so! Last year I gave her a remote control vaccum cleaner – thinking she’d like being able to sit while she vacuums. Boy oh boy did I get in trouble for that one. I learned never to give your wife something to clean the house.
Us: What did you get from Mrs. Claus last year?
Santa: Let me think………(long pause). Oh that’s right, she gave me a multi-disc CD player for the sleigh…..gotta have great Christmas music for my long journey. I got into a little trouble a couple years back when I tried to change CD’s. I took my hands off the reins for a couple seconds and I took out 6 light posts in New Jersey.
Us: Oh my gosh! I can see why a multi-disc cd player would come in handy. 

Us: I bet you are pretty good at getting around in your sleigh normally. How long does it take you to deliver all of the presents on Christmas Eve?

Santa: Average time is about 23 1/2 hours – but last year I was able to do it in 23 hours and 2 minutes. That’s my all time best record and I think I can beat it this year. The elves put a new booster on the sleigh that will help boost me over the oceans better…..which could mean either I get done faster, or I can spend more time at each childs house, but means the children might end up seeing me more.
Us: Has a child ever caught you delivering presents?
Santa: Oh yes… happens about one out of every hundred houses.
Us: How is it that we’ve never heard of a child catching you in the act???
Santa: Ho ho ho!!! That is my secret! I guess I can share it with you now, when I child sees me delivering presents I spend a little time with them. But when I tuck them back in bed and read them a bedtime story, they fall sound asleep. Usually in the morning they think it was a dream.
Us: And that’s it? They think it’s a dream??
Santa: Well, a little of Santa’s Magic Dust helps a little too.
Us: Ohhhh that’s your secret – Magic Dust. 

Us: Santa, I have a list of questions for you here that I think everyone would find interesting. Would you mind indulging us?

Santa: Sure, ask away!
Us: What’s your least favorite vegetable?
Santa: Lima Beans.
Us: Favorite color?
Santa: Green. Everything is often white up here at the North Pole – we don’t often get to see green grass and trees!
Us: Hobbies?
Santa: Ice golf, watching the Reindeer Games, and writing new Christmas Carols.
Us: You write Christmas carols??
Santa: Oh yes…..last year I came up with a new one called ‘The Jingle Pokey” . The music was sort of a mix between Jingle Bells and the Hokey Pokey —-it never took off. I don’t know why people didn’t like it, I thought it was funny.
Us: Okay, here’s some more good questions: Oreos – Double Stuff or Single Stuff.
Santa: Double Stuff.
Us: Are you a dog person or a cat person.
Santa: That’s easy, I like both – but I have to be more of a dog person, otherwise they would bark when I went into peoples houses and wake everyone up!.
Us: good point.

Us: Left handed or Right handed?

Santa: Left handed.
Us: Biggest pet peeve?
Santa: Cookie crumbs in bed – I’m trying to break Mrs. Claus from eating cookies in bed. She’s going to scold me when she finds out I told you this.
Us: Last question Santa. What do you want for Christmas?
Santa: Easy one – I need some new socks. I go through a lot of socks on Christmas eve, some people don’t put their fireplace out before I come – holes get burned in the socks.
Us: Don’t you wear boots?
Santa: I take them off before I go down the chimeny – I tend to get stuck when I have my boots on when I go down chimneys. Plus – it’s much easier to tip toe in your socks, less apt to wake people up.
Us: Thanks Santa. It was an honor being able to talk to you.
Santa: Your’re welcome! I’ll see you on Christmas Eve!
Us: We can’t wait.