Massage therapy is an appropriate way by which, people suffering from chronic back pain, muscle pains, anxiety, symptoms of stress, sports injuries, and other kinds of pain use for overall relaxation purposes. There is an increased demand for massage services from people who want to relax. But most of them have busy schedules while others need the therapy at their home. For this reason, having a massage chair at home is the best way of getting massage sessions at any time of the day. Besides, with the massage chair at home, the need for a person to perform all massaging procedures are eliminated.

With the massage chair at home, many people may wish to spend all day getting a fantastic massage. But this is not a safe way to use the chair. There are no added benefits associated with spending a more extended time length. In this article, we shall discuss on how often a person should use a massage chair. Also, guide on the best time to use the massage chair is also highlighted. By going through the whole text, you will get to know the potential effects of overusing the chair.

How often should you use a massage chair?

Massage chairs are designed to provide the maximum benefits when used in short intervals of around 15 minutes. At this duration, you are guaranteed to get enough benefit from a massage session to help your body. The massage session is desired to last a maximum of 15 minutes to avoid aggravating existing injuries or creating entirely new lesions in the process. Also, the chair can be adjusted to work on specific body areas like the neck, shoulder, and the back.

It is important to note that massage chair should be used in moderation. Prolonged use of a massage chair can stress the nervous system unnecessarily or cause damage and inflammation to body tissues. Therefore, the best way to avoid these problems and still achieve more massage time is by taking the 15-minute session. Once you are done, it is advisable to do some mild physical activities to remove the toxins released during massage therapy. Drinking plenty of water after the session also helps to facilitate toxins removal.

Recommended time to use a massage chair

The best time to use a massage chair at home is the times when you need it. The frequency-time by which you can use a massage chair varies depending on the body parts you wish to massage. For instance, for lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain the usage time should be 3-4 times per week at most. With this rate, you are guaranteed to have maximum effectiveness of the therapy. For stress relief and relaxation purposes, a massage chair should be used 1-3 times per week at most. Still, it is crucial to keep the session strictly to 15 minutes. With the advance in technology, some massage chairs models have an in-built timer which shut down after 15 minutes are over.

Benefits of a massage chair

Benefits of massage chair overuse

As pointed earlier, many people use a massage chair for purposes of alleviating their body pain whether they are at the neck, shoulders, back or anywhere else. Hence, to obtain an effective massage therapy, it is crucial to consult your doctor first especially if you are pregnant. When used correctly, a massage chair helps a person’s body in various ways. These beneficial ways include.

Improved blood circulation and mental stress relief

The massage chair is effective in improving blood circulation through the body. Improved blood circulation is achieved by dilating the blood flow in the vessels of your body. The chair also helps people who have heavy or light workout routines by widening the pores and tissues in the body thus allowing the blood to flow smoothly.

Concerning providing mental stress relief, the massage chair helps to stimulate the body’s special neurons that are susceptible to touch allowing them to release endorphins. The endorphins assist in boosting enthusiasm and providing the user with relief and comfort.

Spine alignment and providing improved posture

When a person engages in heavy work, the spine is subjected to pressure. The pressure compresses vertebrae nerves thereby generating a painful phenomenon. Use of massage chair assists in aligning the spine to its natural posture. Thus, the chair helps the spine to relax and preserve its position, once it has relaxed the vertebrae also starts to take their natural alignment thus relieving the body from pain.

Having the correct posture is a big concern for everyone. But due to heavy workouts and technology use which demand us to bend our spines, maintaining a proper healthy posture is difficult. But luckily, the massage chair can assist in making the posture correct again. The chair helps by aligning the spine and relieving tension or though correcting the imbalances present in the body.

Healing damaged muscles and relieving muscle soreness

Performing the same routine of workouts can cause damages and injuries to muscles and tendons. With the use of a massage chair, such damages within the tissues are healed. Also, apart from improving the damage the chair also prevents any major injury or tear in the muscle before they can happen.

Effects of massage chair overuse

When a massage chair is overused, there are adverse side effects which the user may experience. Some of the effects include body pain and headache. When used for a longer time, the pressure applied to relieve tensions and pain in deep tissue massage setting in a massage chair can cause slight residual pain and headache. Skin bruising is common when the massage chair is overused especially when hard pressure massage setting is used.

In certain occasions, the user may experience infections resulting from the enzymes and toxins released from the muscles during the session. Therefore, as earlier stated, the user is recommended to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins from the body quickly. Other potential adverse effects that may result from massage chair overuse are; lowered blood sugar, fatigue after the session, aggravated circulation issues like deep vein thrombosis, and allergic reactions to the skin for users allergic to leather or other material on the chair.

In conclusion, massage chairs are very effective in reducing pain in various part of the body and ultimately helping in the healing process.  The chair is an excellent alternative to people who wish to have their massage session privately. The chair is also equipped with several massage programs and styles to suit your every need. To sum up, from the text above everyone can understand how a massage chair is used to promote overall health and well-being.


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