Do you know that names matter a lot? Well, this might sound like a superstitious belief, but in reality, it is not. If you need your kid to grow to become an important individual later in life, you need to begin inspiring him/her as early as possible. Names are significant in giving children the motivation to work hard in their endeavors. On that regard, it is imperative to note that many parents have a myriad of sources where they draw the inspirations of naming their kids. Some of these include films, religions, nature, books, people who lived before and many other sources. You cannot specifically single out particular names that are preferable than the others to call kids. It all depends on the preference of the parents and many other factors. The following are some of the names that will give inspiration to young people to work hard and stay put in life even during the hard times:

  1. Abigail

Abigail Scott is the name of one of the greatest US writers. Think about naming your kids after this great woman activist. She fought for women rights for many years in the US. Such a fete is not small and naming your daughter Abigail will, without a doubt, give her the motivation to be as brave as the legend and face life issues courageously. In addition to being the name of the great writer, Abigail is also the name of a character in the Bible. Therefore, it’s also one to enable kids to associate with the biblical individuals, and this aids them to flourish spiritually. If you choose to name your daughter Abigail, then you are among the millions in the world who find the name highly appealing. It ranked among the top ten most popular names in 2014.

  1. Bliss

We all want the best for our kids, and we hope that their lives are happy forever. As much as this is not possible in real life, a nice name can give them something to be joyful about even during the hard times. Bliss is one of such names. It means a feeling of extreme joy. Bliss is one of the special names that sound cool and also delivers the message that the character who carries it is a happy person who is appealing to associate with. If you feel that Bliss is too common, there exist variations to the name such as Blitz, Blistex, and Blister. Any of the above mentioned different variations that you find cool is just fine to name your kids.

  1. Answer

Are you religious and you feel that God has answered your prayers? Then you should name your kid, Answer. You have been praying for a respite in life that took some time to be realized, but it happened at last. Also, you don’t have to be necessarily religious to give your kids the name, Answer. It might be that something that you’ve wished for happens, and you need the memory to live on over the years. Naming your kid, Answer will ensure that they are aware that they a testimony of a particular dream that actually happened. Such a thing is crucial in enabling the kids to live positively and seek God whenever they are in a fix.

  1. Amelia

Nobody would entertain the idea of their daughter being confined to the conventional duties of staying at home and doing household chores. Instead, it is the dream of every parent to have proactive daughters who are daring and willing to do all tasks, even the ones that are profiled as highly daunting for a woman by society. If that is your wish, Amelia is a perfect name for your girl. Amelia Earhart is a legend who is remembered for her exploits in flying alone across the Atlantic. She, however, met her untimely death as she sought to circumnavigate the globe. All in all, she left behind a character that many parents would wish to teach their daughters.


  1. Malala

You’ve heard about this young woman who is the youngest Nobel Prize Winner. Malala is a Pakistani national who came to the limelight after playing a cardinal role in championing for human and women rights in the Islam countries. You will definitely want your daughter to be associated with such a remarkable woman. Such a name ensures that your daughter is motivated to perform as Malala or even outshine her in the activities that she engages in.

  1. Abraham

Abraham Lincoln is, without a doubt, one of the popular individuals in the history of the United States. He served diligently and put in measures that scrapped slavery and also achieved immense thing for the US during the Civil War era. Definitely, such a name will bestow your son with the motivation to leave a legacy in their lives just like Abraham Lincoln did. Also, the name Abraham is associated with a religious character who is commonly referred to as the father of faith. Having undying faith and belief in achieving everything is just what you want your son to achieve. Abraham is, therefore, a perfect name for those who are deeply affiliated with religion.

  1. Karma

Sounds a weird choice for a name, right? Well, ain’t that bad. Karma is a term that refers to the relationship between an action and its future implication. Kids need to know that they are responsible for their actions and that doing something wrong will result in a harsh consequence. In that regard, you might consider calling you son Karma as it is a boy’s name. This will ensure that he always remembers the significance of doing good to others later in life. It will also teach those around him the significance of leading upright lives.

The above names are just some of the many inspiring ones that you can consider as appropriate for inspiring your kids to lead highly motivated lives. Remember that a name carries a subtle significance that many parents tend to undermine. If you wish your kid to become a musician of an expert in a particular field, let it known to him or her as early as possible. And the best way to fulfill that is to choose a name that fits that billing.

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